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SFA-2125-L / SFA-2122-L
Wrap Around Case Packer
Tray Packing Machine
Automatic High-Speed Divider Machine
High Bottle Depalletizer Machine
Level Enpty Bottle Depalletizer Machine
Low Level Palletizer Machine
High Level Palletizer Machine
Automatic Divider Machine
Automatic Weight Inspection Machine
  Human-Computer Interaction Design
  Semi Wrap Tray Carton Packaging operation.
  The large processing range comprises PVC, PE, PET, PP Bottles, Glass Bottles, Cans and aluminum cans etc.
  Parameters can be set and modified on the screen.
  Glue Spraying distance is control by encoder, ensuring consistent glue spraying length on each carton and permit adjustment and
    memorizing at any time.
  Minimization of the changeover times, in order to quickly Switch from a production to another one
  All movable parts are provided with grease nozzle for lubrication. Hard-to-reach bearings located at the machine bottom are centralized
    lubrication at outside through oil tubes.
  CE Certification.
  Power Source
  According to Installation Place, Local Electricity Sources
  Power Capacity
  8 kw
  Air Pressure
  5.0 ~ 7.0 kg / cm2
  Machine Dimensions
  L : 4824 mm x W : 1750 mm x H : 1504 mm
  Machine Weight
  2000 kg
  Processing Capacity
  25 case / min
  Operation Control
  English / Chinese Display System
  Sealing Method
  Hot Melt Glue
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