SFA-2021CEA 全自動拉伸纏繞機

SFA-2021 CEA


  • Chain Drive Film Carriage and turntable.

  • Equipped with PLC system.

  • Turntable speed controlled by inverter.

  • Photoelectric detects height automatically.

  • Electromagnetic brake adjusts tightnedd of stretch film.

  • Can be operated with manual mode and auto mode.

  • Optional Pre-Strech System economizes usage amount of film.

型   號 SFA-2021CEA
使用電源 According to Installation Place, Local Electricity Sources
電力量 5 KW
空氣量 6.0 kg/cm2
Wapping Height 2400
Loading Weight 2000 Kg
 Turntable Speed 5~15 APM
操作方式 中文/英文 操作顯示系統