SFA-6605 自動封箱機



Automatically adjust the height and width according to different size of carton.

Side Drive device can automatically fix the carton position and start sealing, the whole operation is stable and smooth.

Top and side drive belt for carton sealers are suitable for heavy products.

The working table height is adjustable.

It is available for automatic production line.

型   號 SFA-6605
使用電源 According to Installation Place, Local Electricity Sources
空氣量 4.0~6.0 kg/cm2
機械尺寸 長 : 1250 x 寬 : 1910 x 高 : 1315 mm
處理產能 10 ~ 14 箱/分
操作方式 中文/英文 操作顯示系統