SFA-SD30 Automatic High Speed Case Packer


Automatic High Speed Case Packer

Human-Computer Interaction Design.
Fully Wrap Around carton packaging and Tray Packing Combination Operation.
Parameters can be set and modified on the screen.

Wheel handle for minimization of changeover times, in order to quiktly switch from a production to another one.
All moveable parts and Electrical wiring are cover up for safety issue.

Machine operation with less noise.
Missing/Fallen loose product detection before the tray/case forming unit.
Glue spraying distance is control by encoder, ensuring consistent glue spraying length on each carton and permit adjustment and memorizing at any time.


Glue Saving Controller
Glue spacing can be adjusted, Optimizing the allocation of the spray.
High Accuracy/Stabilized spray control.
Multi-Program Memory.
Highest efficiency improvement, Save 30~50% Glue Using per year.



Various product available within one case packer.
Machine exit with additional safety covers.
Emergency stop on all side of the machinery.
Ethernet available for production data transfer to the customer's control system.


Power Source According to Installation Place, Local Electricity Sources
Power Capracity 11 KW
Air Pressure 6.0 kg/cm2
Machine Dimensions L : 6363 x W : 2750 x H : 2200 mm
Air Flow Consumption 1000 Kg
Processing Caprcity 30 cartons/min
Dperation Control English / Chinese Display System
Packaging Material Corrugated Paper
Hotmelt Glue Nordson MESA 9