SFA-5437 Cage Cart Orienting Machine ( Loader & Un Loader )


Cage Cart Orienting Machine
( Loader & Un Loader )

This machine is special for categories of coffee, bottles, milk cans, fish and meat cans o other containers packing use sterilized by high temperature method for handling.

Products are placed in order based on size pushing to the cage cart for the pile up. Each tray is placed by a pallet for cans separation.
Cage cart with products piling up in order is push to sterilizer for high temperature handling.
After the sterilization, products are depalletized layer by layer for next packing procedure.

High operational safety due to robust standard construction.
Economical continuous operation due to high degree of availability.
Easy operation.
Low maintenance.

Power Source According to Installation Place, Local Electricity Sources
Power Capracity 6 KW
Air Pressure 5.0~7.0 kg/cm2
Air Flow Consumption L : 8770 x W : 5445 x H : 2376 mm
Machine Dimensions 3400 kg
Machine Weight 500~600 bottles/min
Processing Caprcity English / Chinese Display System