SFA-3136 High Level Palletizer Machine


High Level Palletizer Machine


Designed for stacking various types of carton, box and plastic basket.

Human-Computer Interaction Design.

Carton stacking quantity and layers can be set on the control panel.

All moving parts are equipped with grease nozzles for convenient lubrication and maintenance.

High Level Construction to solute the plant limited.

Applicable product: Well packed products in Carton, box and plastic basket.




High operational safety due to robust standard construction.

Economical continuous operation due to high degree of availability.

Easy operation.

Low maintenance.

Power Source According to Installation Place, Local Electricity Sources
Power Capracity 10 ~ 14 KW
Air Pressure 5.0 ~ 7.0 kg/cm2
Air Flow Consumption 200 L/min
Machine Dimensions L : 8263 x W : 5121 x H : 3287 mm
Machine Weight 4800 Kg
Processing Capacity 10 ~ 40 cartons/min
Dperation Control English / Chinese Display System