SFA-2021CEA Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

SFA-2021 CEA

Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

  • Chain Drive Film Carriage and turntable.

  • Equipped with PLC system.

  • Turntable speed controlled by inverter.

  • Photoelectric detects height automatically.

  • Electromagnetic brake adjusts tightnedd of stretch film.

  • Can be operated with manual mode and auto mode.

  • Optional Pre-Strech System economizes usage amount of film.

Automatically adjust the height and width according to different size of carton.

Side Drive device can automatically fix the carton position and start sealing, the whole operation is stable and smooth.

Top and side drive belt for carton sealers are suitable for heavy products.

The working table height is adjustable.

It is available for automatic production line.

Power Source According to Installation Place, Local Electricity Sources
Power Capracity 5 KW
Air Pressure 6.0 kg/cm2
Wapping Height 2400
Loading Weight 2000 Kg
 Turntable Speed 5~15 APM
Dperation Control English / Chinese Display System