SFA-7035-2+6040-L Automatic Two-Side Sealer (Straight In-Feed)

SFA-7035-2 & 6040-L

Automatic Two-Side Sealer
(Straight In-Feed)

Packing materials: PE, PVE, OPP.

Usage : Gift boxes, goods can, special products, medicines, printing articles, books, daily necessities, electric appliances, toys, metallic tools, sporting goods, wooden wares, & tiles, etc.


To assure the quality without being damaged, save electricity and to incerase profits.

Heat oven for contracting will send out even heat radiation. Delivery is done by roller with durability. And the speed is controlled and driven by DC motor.


MODEL SFA-7035-2 SFA-6040-L
Power Source 3HP / 220V~380V / 50~60HZ
Power Capacity 5~18 time/min 1~15 time/min
Air Pressure 5.0 kg/cm2 -
Packing Size Max. L (500mm) x Min. L (200mm)
Max. W (350mm) x Min. W (60mm)
Max. H (280mm) x Min. H (60mm)
W : 550mm x H : 280mm
Machine Dimensions L : 1750 x W : 1140 x H : 1615 mm L : 1800 x W : 800 x H : 1470 mm
Machine Weight 300 Kg -
Machine Heating - 12 KW